Osaka Dreaming

I’m building a street scene in downtown Osaka, Japan. I’ll be animating it. Still have much detail to add.

Where abouts in Osaka ?
I alwasy wanted to make this street,+kishu+Hwy&hl=en&ll=34.585136,135.481102&spn=0.007817,0.016512&sll=34.585851,135.482326&sspn=0.007817,0.016512&z=17

Looking good at the moment, looking forward to seeing more of this :slight_smile: Is this from reference? I’m wondering because I’ve lived in Osaka for a year as an exchange student.
The lighting could use some work, but as this is a wip, I’m not gonna comment on it further :slight_smile:

I also used to live in Osaka,
The last remaining tram line goes through this street, btw I head they shutting it down soon.
I am going again in 2 weeks for short business trip. Hope to take more photos

I visited Osaka last year and really loved it. I want to go back. This is not a specific street but is meant to look like the area around Minami Station, near the Dotonbori Canal.

One thing I noticed, the ramen sign should be spelled “ラーメン” not “ラメーン”.

kaiamar: That’s what I thought :slight_smile:
totoro: You’re right, unless it’s a shop named “Rameen” :smiley: Also, if the blue sign on the left is supposed to say gallery (gyararii), there should be a small “ya” instead of the big one (can’t type Japanese on this computer :mad:). Little things, but still…

Anyway, this looks like an interesting project, looking forward to any updates.

Oops. You’re right about the ramen sign. I’ll have to look up gallery again. Here’s the latest render. Still adding detail (and I haven’t fixed the signs yet.

And the signs are fixed.

You should probably use some ambient occlusion, or environment lighting to make the scene a bit brighter. I understand it’s a night scene, but we can’t see much of it now. Also, there are a lot of bright lights around the area in real life, so it’s not that dark even at night. See this picfor example.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Looks very blade runnerish. I have never lived in osaka, but maybe take a few pics here and there around your town, post them and I can help give you better details on how to bring it closer to the life like version.

@Yanneyanen, nice pic of the Dotonbori canal. I think you’re right about the ambient occlusion. @Perefim, I went to Osaka last year and I’m working from pics I took there. Blade Runner was largely based on Osaka. Ghost in the Shell is a big influence on me too.

And with the light amped back up a bit.