OSCAR: Free Rigged Character

Hi everyone,

Seeing as it’s Christmas time, I made a little character and rigged him the other night.
He’s called OSCAR (it stands for Open Source Character And Rig, btw), he’s blue and he’s ugly!
You are free to use OSCAR for any personnal, learning or commercial works. The only stipulation is that you cannot sell the OSCAR mesh or derivatives of it. Apart from that you can do what you please with him.

I hope somebody out there gets some use out of him.

Download OSCAR .blend file here (7Zip format) http://www.mediafire.com/?dcdkxkmtx1f
NOTE: This is a newer version of OSCAR with a shape key fix and some other monir corrections.

Merry Christmas,


PS: I hope this is the right place to post this item. If not let me know.:smiley:

great work man :slight_smile:

Now that’s one well endowed mesh …

Seriously though, nice rigging example. It makes we want to learn more about rigging.

you sure left a suprise package on that sucker

Nice!! And Ugly!!

I think there´s some issue with the Show Teeth Shapekey, cause it deforms the character´s back, check it out!!!

Yep, you’re right about the shape key error. Some of the Shape Keys made some of the vertices of the characters back and feet move. This is a mistake caused by a loopcut to the character’s shoulders i made after I had added previous shape keys.

I’ve now fixed these problems and made a couple of minor adjustments to OSCAR in a newer .blend file which you can download from here http://www.mediafire.com/?dcdkxkmtx1f

As for OSCAR’s ‘endowment’ - I actually toned down the size a little compared to the original version i had in mind!

Again, Merry Christmas to everyone on blenderartists.org


Thanks 3DGURU, glad you like him.
Just checked out your links. Good luck with the game, man. Must get around to learning a bit more about Blender game engine system sometime myself :slight_smile:


Thanks allot for this, gives allot of insight into character rigging. I especially like this because the shoulder / armpits joints move smoothly, which I have never managed to do on a fat/muscelly character character, is that down to the way you did the mesh? Do you have any advice on how to make these joints move smoothly in an animation?

Thanks 3DGURU, glad you like him.
Just checked out your links. Good luck with the game, man. Must get around to learning a bit more about Blender game engine system sometime myself :slight_smile:


thanks man .
don’t hesitate to ask any question in the GE section , they are very kind , helping and constructive people …

Hi Phlopper,
I wanted to make the armature as simple as possible (hence, no action constraints for the fingers, just a very simple constraint setup and no extra fan-like control bones for difficult areas like the shoulders). I tried to model the shoulders/armpits with easy rigging in mind. There are far better and more controllable ways to rig shoulder joints but I wanted OSCAR to be accesible to learners who might be a little ‘scared’ of being confronted by too many bones!
The weight painting is real important. Take a look at the weight distribution of each bone in Weight Paint mode.


I am just starting to do rigging, and am working on a cartoon elephant of mine. I’ve downloaded OSCAR in the hopes that I can find help on how to rig the trunk.

Cool - I’ve downloaded it. I’ll trial it tonight after work! Thanks.

Well, he’s ugly. And nasty. And cool. Fraid i’m not a big fan of the shader though. A little too shiny for my taste. Please excuse the following puns.

Cool! this is a great package. Sure is a w(e)inner in my book. This is a great bag of goodies, from animation to simply the model.

Tallywacker. Couldn’t take it anymore.

Excuse this post, not meant to be offensive.

uh, its so ugly…

It? Ugly people are people too. But, i can see your confusion. You probably used it, cuz you couldn’t tell the gender, that’s ok.:yes:

lol suprise little package hangin down