Oscillating Barbell

I’m modelling a barbell and would like to animate it oscillating under load as if it had just been returned to some stands. Kind of like this;


What method would I use to do this and what tutorials should I follow?

I suppose you could use any method to animate.I would use Armatures with something like 10 little bones in a line. Or actually have the Armatures with a left and a right hand side, like in a character rig, that way you can flip the pose if you want.

I thought maybe a B-bone or a lattice or some softbody type thing.

I was thinking of a more realistic effect, something that has gravity in it like softbodies.

How about a three point curve deform running the length of the bar with a single hook on the end points to animate the motion.

Softbodies does the trick.

I made a bar and assigned 2 rings of vertices either side of the centre of the bar as 0.000 and the rest of the vertices as 1.000, set gravity to 9.807 and it springs up and down.

I also tried a version where I assigned the central ring as 0.000 but the bar just flops.