OSL bundle for 3ds max 2019 (and more).

(Ko.) #1

OSL support is biggest new feature of 3ds Max 2019. And it has many scripts bundled with it. Here they are on github: https://github.com/ADN-DevTech/3dsMax-OSL-Shaders

I tried some of them. It seems they all working with Cycles out of the box:

(MasterZap) #2

Glad you like them! All shaders are licensed under Apache 2.0 and hence are free to use anywhere.

Adding OSL to max was a fun project.

For those curious about the integration, see my video here:


(MasterZap) #3

Hmm, I tried to reply to this thread, but nuttin’ happened? Am I pressing the wrong button or too softly? :slight_smile:


(lacilaci86) #4

Anytime I tried osl rendering in blender it was super slow. This made me completely ignore any osl shader I could get. Am I doing something wrong or am I right to avoid osl shaders if rendering with cycles?

(Secrop) #5

tip #01: always pack all textures into the blend file (at least for the rendering). OIIO is much faster reading packed textures than referenced textures.

(numen22) #6

Thanks for that,
I see it as a great addition to Max and also to make them free to use.