OSL bundle for 3ds max 2019 (and more).

OSL support is biggest new feature of 3ds Max 2019. And it has many scripts bundled with it. Here they are on github: https://github.com/ADN-DevTech/3dsMax-OSL-Shaders

I tried some of them. It seems they all working with Cycles out of the box:

Glad you like them! All shaders are licensed under Apache 2.0 and hence are free to use anywhere.

Adding OSL to max was a fun project.

For those curious about the integration, see my video here:



Hmm, I tried to reply to this thread, but nuttin’ happened? Am I pressing the wrong button or too softly? :slight_smile:


Anytime I tried osl rendering in blender it was super slow. This made me completely ignore any osl shader I could get. Am I doing something wrong or am I right to avoid osl shaders if rendering with cycles?

tip #01: always pack all textures into the blend file (at least for the rendering). OIIO is much faster reading packed textures than referenced textures.

Thanks for that,
I see it as a great addition to Max and also to make them free to use.

Can such an osl, as the ‘rivets’ one in the video, be produced in Blender too? If it is possible it will be good to have a related video tutorial from someone who has an in depth knowledge of matter. The results in the video above are very impressive.

Without using OSL script? Thats will be crazy. And also not needed since script works wery well:

i updated OSLPY with some small fixes to make the rivet shader work on the GPU.