OSl Groups

So i run windows a lot of people do. Playing with osl a little, there needs to be a separate pull down menu for osl folder? Would really like to play with OSL more. So today to waist my time I have to put all the osl and oso files in one folder and added to a group node to each file. What a drag. :frowning:

I honestly dont know how to program could really use a script to convert 1 osl script to a node group
or folder option to convert files to groups ty if any one has the time.

This took a long time for me to do. Just working on OSO files from Shader folder in cycles.
I hope this folder stays for OSO files from Blender. I have a blender file almost ready and if any one is interested i’ll post it
I work in windows and put the blender folder on the desktop. :spin:

OSL needs a pull down menu just like cycles, 54335 to 54466 working.

Very interesting. I could write the python to do this for you automagically, but I’ve written a lot of it lately and I way overcommit so I am not going to do so here.(not saying I won’t but not saying I will either) If I have time I might look at it, anyway thanks for posting your problems.

automatically would be killer, :spin: took me a few hours to i cut and paste this together. From all the links about osl i have only been able to get 3/4 working, some of the files are very hard to tell what they even work with out pulling in cords in ect.