OSL Help

Hey there!
With the new realease of 2.66 I would like to start understanding OSL more and how to implement it within Blender. Was looking about for a few videos etc, but though I should come here first and get input from the blender community! :slight_smile:

Just wondering if you guys had any links to beginners guides to OSL and how it works!

I’d say that the first stop should be the OSL sub-forums… Altho they are a bit deserted, playing with the available shaders will teach you a lot… Especially if you have the OSL specs at hand: https://github.com/imageworks/OpenShadingLanguage/raw/master/src/doc/osl-languagespec.pdf

Don’t forget the wiki:

Some more shaders to study: https://github.com/sambler/osl-shaders

Want more? http://bit.ly/Y2qVqz

Cheers for the quick reply Kaluura! Just what I needed! Thanks alot mate.
Much Appreciated!