OSL scripting node - inputs and outputs?

Im trying to get the OSL script node working in 2.80.
Has anyone managed to get it to show inputs or outputs from the node?

Do these now work in the viewport in 2.80?

I did a quick test with Lyapunov texture template and Script node works, here.

You just need to set Cycles as Render Engine to have Script node giving inputs and outputs.
And you have to enable Open Shading Language option in Render tab to have node rendered in Viewport using Rendered display mode.

In other words, it works as in 2.79b for Cycles only. EEVEE does not support it.

ok ive got it to show the nodes by enabling cycles, and enabling OSL in the render settings…

It does not display in the viewport. It only seems to work in render mode… Is there anyway to get these to show in the normal texture mode?

No. OSL is not available for GPU for Cycles. It is not available for EEVEE, too.