OSM3D: OpenStreetMap + blender + GnuRadio/OpenBTS/USRP = 3d mapping project for commu

Dear All,

I would like to announce a project I am working on, for augmented reality 3d geospatial transactions over GSM/Wifi.

The website is here: http://www.osm3d.com

By adding to OpenStreetMap with 3d models of an environment, and sending this 3d representation to mobile devices in the vicinity.

It is at a very early stage and I am still very much a novice at 3d modeling, GnuRadio and OpenStreetMap.

I hope that others will find this idea interesting and would perhaps wish to be involved.


Abdalaleem Andrew James Potter

THis sounds great!

Imagine this: eventually you could have google street images auto analyze for rough building geometry and then do projection painting from the images onto the virtual buildings!