Osmose is vaporware, but cool tho.
I wonder if these guys moved on to work for M$ or something? The application, even though it’s latest update was early 2004, is extremely cool for presentations. It has a workflow where you create the logic of your presentation with nodes and each node can be “Climbed” into. You set a particular media type for the node then attach child or parent nodes if needed and set their style too. when you want or when you are ready, you just drag any child or parent node on a “Line” to visualize ore preview the presentation. There is actually more to this than I can go into right now. Maybe people don’t like it, or maybe knowone has heard of it. But I think it is cool and wished that it was updated and had more features like PDF/SWF/AI/X3D yadda-yadda import/export.

Whoa!!! Just as I was finding the link, I stopped by the site and they UPDATED for 2006!!! YAY!!!


BTW, this app don’t install anything on your computer, you just extract contents to a folder. they changed from zip to tar.gz to deal with permissions(?), but tar.gz opens fine with WinRar.

hehe, I am totaly checking this out before I even post this. I just d.loaded the new Osmose 2 and it is COOL!

I was totaly bumbed there for a while, then I emailed them about a week ago(got no reply) but now they updated after being dormant for almost 3 years!

Thank you to talk about Osmose! I would like to add that Osmose is a free software (GPL license). You can visit the project on SourceForge:

Osmose is actually a great application! I really like the design aproach to presentation making and have not seen anything like it. It took only a few minutes to get the hang of it, though more documentation about the Theme/default/ editor (The one with the size manipulators) would be great. I like it. capture for cam/video would be a plus too.

cool application that should have caught on a year ago, hope it gains ground