Ossim - Bake simulations to armature (UE4, Unity) - Now with Blender 2.8 support!

Ossim 1.3 Release Notes:

  • Blender 2.8 support
  • Bug fixes

Seems like Ossim is exactly what I need for getting precomputed destruction into UE4. Little question before I buy: I’m currently experimenting with the Blender 2.79b Fracture Modifier branch, do you think Ossim would work with that (with a custom branch in general and with the geometry/simulation that Fracture Modifier creates) as well for transfering more complex destruction animations to UE?


Yeah, it should work since Fracture Modifier AFAIK produces solid chunks of geometry.

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I’ve recently tried your Ossim Tool for Blender and the skinning in both modes (Rigid Body and Cloth) does not work at all. It also doesnt create a duplicate of the mesh w/out modifiers etc. The selector for the skinning target layer is missing too. Everything else is working as intended. Am I missing something? I am using latest blender and plugin version. A quick workflow walkthrough for the cloth part would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, Noel! What version of Ossim and Blender did you use?

Looks like you use Blender 2.7, I fixed initialization bug there, so it should work now.
I uploaded Ossim version 1.2.1 to the blendermarket, please check it out. I should note that I don’t support Blender 2.7 anymore, so new features will arrive for 2.8 only.

Thank you for using Ossim!

Sry, for the missing clarification. I use the latest version of blender(2.81a) and your plugin(1.3.2)!!

I just tried the plugin ver. 1.2.0 to see if the problem also exist there. And it does NOT, everything worked fine in Blender 1.79.

But in the version 1.3.2 in Blender 2.81 the plugin doesn’t create the skinned duplicated Mesh when generating the Armature for Cloth. There is also a missing feature: “Bone-Vertex Frequency Decrease” in the blender 2.81 version of the plugin.

And I purchased your plugin from Gumroad…

sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your support. Greatly appreciated!

Fixed skinned duplicated mesh bug.
As for “Bone-Vertex Frequency Decrease”: I temporarily disabled this feature. I will reimplement it later on, it doesn’t work great right now. You can delete bones you don’t need by hand though I believe.
Uploaded to gumroad and blendermarket. Check it out please.

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Tried the newly uploaded version 1.3.3 and after installing it into blender the “Control Panel” for the plugin doesn’t appear anymore. Also tried on a different computer.

Having same problem, can’t seem to find Ossim in 2.82. Instructions say look in Tool->Misc->Ossim, but find no such place. Are these instructions still up to date? Is the panel is broken?

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