Ostrich loop

Really is not an ostrich, it’s a “ñandú”, but i’ve made this short loop for the Anima 2013, Córdoba Internacional Animation Festival, where i’ll be giving a talk about character animation with OS tools, and showing my Vacui Spacii project as a part of the official selction. :smiley:

Hope you like it!

I love it!

Thanks! :smiley: Glad you like it!
Really i’ve enjoyed doing this. And a HUGE thank you for two wonderful coders: Emu and Liero, who developed two scripts i’ve used to make the folding process less painful! :smiley:

Here is the page of the Festival, http://www.animafestival.com.ar/

just bumpin. Sorry. :wink: I just wanted someone to see it. I work professionally in Blender and it takes a time posting, and in the last months i’ve seen little or no movement at all in my posts, so i bet that i’ve nothing to do here. Just ranting… It’s a little bit dissapointing… :frowning:

The “Ñandú” short to promote the festival is very nice.
The Vacui Spacii shorts are very artistic, I love that kind of animation. The sound is also excellent. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks Yafu!
I’m working on a new Vacui Spacii short (the sixth) and trying cycles on it. It looks promising i bet. Thanks for takling the time to see it! :wink: Feel free to download the sources and play with them!

Soon i’ll post another totally different kind of work, i’m doing a cutout animation trailer of a cartoon series.

No es una cuestión de calidad. Tus motions son muy sugerentes, pero es que la respuesta de la audiencia es caprichosa ante este tipo de materiales (Motion Graphics).

Un consejo, simultanea Vimeo con Youtube. Tengo el mismo vídeo en ambas plataformas y mientras en Youtube lleva más de 8.000 visitas sin hacer nada especial (me limité a etiquetarlo como Blender Motion Graphics y sigue vivo después de dos años y medio), en Vimeo no llega a mil (por cierto, gracias por ponerlo como favorito en Vimeo).


It is not a matter of quality. Your motions are very inspiring, but the audience response is rather whimsical to these kind of materials (Motion Graphics).

Just a piece of advice, upload both to Youtube and Vimeo. I have the same video on both platforms and while in Youtube goes over 8,000 visits without doing anything special (I just labelled it as Blender Motion Graphics and it’s still alive after two years and a half) in Vimeo doesn’t reach one thousand (by the way, thanks for you fav on Vimeo).

Best wishes

trueog: I know, just ranting a little. :wink:
Thanks for all your kind words, and glad you like it.