OSTRIOD project -- DONE???

this is my first blender project. named the ostriod project. i’ve been working on it for quiet some time and its nearly done. apart for the first shot which is quiet crappy.

here is the link to the short movie : http://www.vimeo.com/14650784


  • the compositing
  • the sequencing
  • the sound track: should there be sound of the robot
  • the first shot: what to do with it

you can allways comment on the modeling , texturing, animation but i will proberly not change a lot to that. because i’m going on holiday soon and after wards to school and want the project fininshed by then cause i have no time then.

here are some stils


Very good

Although you could improve the lamp material, you could give it some IOR. And to the glass pipes in the beggining (that thing where those shiny things are traped)

hmmm i could do that. but i’d have to change to ray traysing in sted if Z transp. and that wil graatly increes render times. and the hole project takes about 2week non stop rendering. maybe i will only change it in the shots where the lamp is in a close up.

hi i’m working on the sequencing now and i’m looking for a good name. anyone idears???