Hi, a new render of the character “Osvaldinho” for my animation project called “Osvaldinho Perna Fina”(Brazilian form). This project is being developed by my girlfriend and i to final graduation project.

Concept created by Wayne Ribeiro and you can see HERE!

tks and sorry if my English is wrong.

nice boy ! your project is interesting and i would like to know to how much does the duration for this animation ?

Hi, approximately six minutes. soon I create a synopsis of the animation and post here.

There are two more characters that can be seen on my personal blog but I’ll make an image like this for both.

Dat burger! :smiley:

Sorry for late to reply. Good to see characters in your blog and thank for info, looking forward it and follow your sweet project :slight_smile:

hi! this is the page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Opernafina/130213157156428 and the official blog http://opernafina.blogspot.com.br/ (blog language Portuguese(Brazil) and English).

Tks, blog - http://opernafina.blogspot.com.br/

I like the burgher :smiley:
Great cartoon character. :slight_smile: