OSX BGE issues (mouse & graphics)

Lately I’ve bee trying out many of the games that forumites have been posting, and I can’t get any of them to work properly on my intel osx build of 2.42a.

Generally it’s a problem where mouse control stops working if i move the mouse the more than 2 or 3 pixels, but there are also graphical issues. Everything renders fine in the 3d view, but the BGE renders some things with horizontal streaks across them.

Note: I’m on an MBP with ATI graphics - blender works fine otherwise.

The mouslook scripts that everyone use don’t work properly on Macs, so any game that uses one is pretty much unpayable for us Mac folk. I doubt people realize it, since a lot of them are on PC’s. I’ve often wondered if mouselook could somehow be integrated into the engine so it worked the same for everyone, rather than relying on Python.

The streaks are probably related to your ATI card. I have one and have similar issues.