OSX BGE pygame sandboxed?

I’m trying to run a script inside the blender game engine under OSX which has parts of pygame in it for detecting the joysticks.

Now the script runs fine outside blender, but from within blender somehow the module Pygame isn’t found.

(And the script also works fine from within blender on WindowsXP).

Sooo I guess nobody knows, or I asked a ztupidh kweztion.

I will bump zis only onze… zorry vor ze forum adminz, I fill no do it aghain! (promise)

Not a stupid question at all - it’s just that not many people use the BGE on OS X.

I had a similar question a while back, but found no answers either. I’ve looked around, and found a solution that isn’t very elegant but works.

I’ve posted it in it’s own thread, here.

Ok, I’ll continue on your thread. See you there.