OSX Blender Crash on Startup w/Blender 2.78 RC, and nightly builds from 9/6 and 9/7

I have Mac Pro 3,1 running OS X 10.11.6
(Also tried 10.11.5, as well)
2 x Quad Core 2.8GHz (8 cores total)

Seeing the reviews at Lion Render and other forum posts, we purchased a new video card - NVIDIA 1060 w/6 GB RAM.

Installed Blender 2.78RC as the release notes said it had 1000 series support for 1060, 1070, 1080.
Upgraded current nVidia driver for OSX - Web Driver 346.03.15f03.
Upgraded current CUDA driver for OSX - CUDA Driver Version: 7.5.30.

I have tried it with the NVIDIA Driver Manager set to NVIDIA Web Driver and the OS X Default Graphics Driver. Included crashes for using OS X NVIDIA driver and NVIDIA’s.
BlenderCrash.zip (32.5 KB)

On the Apple forum, we found a post with an earlier version of Blender and OS X that was fixed by using a new account. That didn’t work for us, and we tried 2 new accounts.

What are we missing?
Thanks in advanced for your time and help.


NVidia webdriver supports pascal ? Would be new to me :wink:
Apple NV drivers will of course not.
You can dig around in netkas.org for news about drivers.
Also keep in mind every osx update needs an adapted web-driver. Seems you did indeed.

Proposal: try using the screens on a compatible gpu and use gtx 1060 for render only.


Okay, I’ll keep using the GTX 680. Thank you for your help.