OSX- can't launch Blender, Help please!

I just downloaded the Mac version of blender. Its on an iMac with OSX 10.4 with 32 MB of VRAM.
I unzipped the file but now when I click to open Blender, the icon briefly apears in the Dock, it bounces a few times and then disappears. And thats it.
Anyone know whats wrong? I could’nt find anything on this forum on in the FAQ.
Also, the “name bubble” under the blender folder is a pink, salmonish color. I’ve never seen this before and was wondering if that might have to do with the problem.:confused::confused::confused:

Maybe you downloaded the wrong version with the wrong version of python for your system. Download the other version OSX and try that. Or if all else fails, install Linux. :slight_smile:

A search here would deliver you multiple posts with the same question asked and answered many times over. In short, the problem is either OS10.4.3 (if that’s what you have) or more likely Python or both.