OSX El Capitan: Mouse cursor and moving objects appear double in 3D view


Today I downloaded latest Blender for my OSX El Capitan but got problems.
If I move the default cube in the default scene using e.g. G-key then the mouse cursor and also the cube appear double on the screen. Also the green line cursor in the timeline view appears double if moved with the mouse.
If I look close to it I can see that the cube and the cursor are flickering.
This means that they don’t appear twice at the same time. The cube/cursor appears one time on the left position and the other time on the right and so on.

You can see it quite well in the video I made:

In previous versions of Blender and OSX Yosemite this did not happen, everything was fine.
I could not test earlier versions of Blender (e.g. 2.70) in El Capitan since all of them crash under El Capitan.

System Information:
OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.1
System: Apple iMac 27"
Grafix card: ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB, 27"
CPU: 2,8GHz Intel Core i7

Blender Version:
2.76b 2015.11.03 10:56 Hash: f337fea

Is this a known problem? What can I do?