OSX fullscreen woes

I’m having issues with creating games that run in fullscreen. It seems the mighty apple bar at the top is interactive during fullscreen games even though you can’t see it. Is it possible to make a game fullscreen and yet not cover the bar at the top?

Also, on my new Macbook laptop when I quit out of a fullscreen Blender simulation it leaves me with a blue background, offset dock and being unable to interact with my desktop. After installing 10.6 it still does the same thing.

Any ideas?

Hi I have a 13" macbook pro and have never had this problenm with blender however I sometimes do when playing online halo and it ask me to relaunch the program. I am wondering why this specifically happens to you and is it only when you render or in the GE to.
Do you commonly have to restart the computer, or does it unfreeze.

Please respond as I may be able to help.

                                                    Sincerely ,the arbiter410

Thanks for your response!
I have to restart the computer if I want to get rid off the ill effects. It happens every time and doesn’t go away on its own. It happens only when using compiled applications from Blender, not when running Blender itself. Sadly I can’t report if any other games cause it because it’s a testing platform for work; only my application is installed on it. I haven’t yet had the compiled application crash.

It appears to be linked to the changing of resolution when I close the app. I have another Mac here, a 10.4 PPC and when I close my application you can see the blue background briefly but it disappears almost instantly.