OSX key configurations

Hi all,

I’m sure this has been posted before - just can’t seem to find it. Perhaps it would make a good sticky?

It seems that mac users need to do a bit of work changing the input user prefs, for example ctrl + LeftArrow or ctrl + RightArrow are captured by the OS for desktop switching.

Does blender have a preexisting keyboard config file, or is there a good one made by the community?

‘emulate numpad’ is easy enough to change but it seems like there are a lot of shortcuts that are already in use by OSX.


You could change the OSX keys.
As an OSX user and a blender user among many others, we don’t have such issues.
Don’t be a servant of OSX, on the contrary the opposite is more appropriate.
Same for any other OS, particularly windows.
You have to fight for a personal computer these days. Right?

I appreciate that bit of advice - basically make Blender the priority and to heck w/ the OSX shortcuts - which I can definitely live without (and actually rarely use). Good idea!

File / User Preferences / Input, you can change those shortcuts that you feel conflict to ones that you prefer.

Using OSX I don’t really think there are many that you would have problems with

Good point, thank you - I found that swapping cntrl left arrow with cmd right arrow pretty much takes care of it.