OSX Mavericks and Blender Thread

Just installed OSX Mavericks and so far on a 2010 MacBook Pro we’re all good. Going to try the MacPro tomorrow and see what nonsense I get :wink:


Oh Shush.:slight_smile:

@davida: thanks for reporting, I was going to wait a while especially for Blender in case of some day one weirdness. Keep us updated if you find anything!

Hi davida - did you do any of the benchmarks on your old system so you can compare performances?

I compared Snow Leopard and Lion, and Lion turned out to be almost 10% slower, though I added 16 extra gigs of ram before upgrading to Lion.

Could be interesting to see if Mavericks is better or worse…

I’ll run a Mike Pan test tonight to see - that would be a good idea (I’ve done some in the past)

One thing I’m noticing right now is: if an audio file is in the NLE, clicking anywhere on the timeline plays it. Is that accurate? Never noticed it before.

I’ll do some rigorous tests tomorrow - I was out most of this weekend :slight_smile:

To me on my iMac MacPro and MacBookPro Blender works fine. No problem. OS X 10.9 for me is the best thing ever because besides tags and taps in the finder it also offer full menus on multiple screens on one system - this makes dual display work very convenient.
3D modeling one screen - 2D sketching the other screen - rendering on the next machine

I do have a bug that I will submit tonight. It seems no matter where you click on the timeline, you get audio playing if there’s an audio file in the Blend File. Before it would scrub the timeline. Can you test it out for me cekuhnen?

It’s the only thing that I’ve found so far that’s a problem.

Awesome thread! I’m a little biased of course since I was just going through the list to see if this is the proper place to post such a thread. You beat me to it.

Anyways, I also thought that this would be a good idea since there was a bug report posted that has a video showing some fellow who installed Mavericks and is now having a terrible time with his 3D Viewport. Apparently it keeps stuttering, then it stops, then it starts again. I was hoping to find out about other issues that people might be having before I upgrade. So I apologize for not having any first hand information but I will post any findings from the research that I will be doing on the subject matter at hand.

Here is the required search info for the bug tracker. I’m posting this instead of a link since I’m not sure if the bug tracker uses static page addresses.

[#37201] OSX Mavericks OpenGL Blender Viewport performance issues

mh - so I thought maybe it was something old I had installed. Blender made the MacBookpro crash - reset.

With Mavericks Blender quite quickly or OS X with Blender quite quickly crashes the moment I start doing something in the viewport.
I can move pan a little and then the laptop resets …

Somebody else experienced this?

Just to note (even though I use Windows), I have foundreading through on the Modo forumsthat Mavericks is causing that application to crash a lot as well along with giving it OpenGL issues, so it is not an issue exclusive to Blender.

From what I gathered, Mavericks might actually have genuine OpenGL bugs that are preventing some applications from working correctly, if this is at all related to Apple’s products declining in quality since the death of Steve Jobs (noting how iOS 7 became the buggiest release of their mobile OS), I’m left to wonder if Apple will again fade to near-obscurity like what happened to them in the 90’s (be prepared to move on to Windows or Linux if that becomes the case as otherwise it could severely impact productivity).

I updated to Mavericks since it come out, and I haven’t any problem in blender (nor in other applications), indeed I have faster response in the viewport. (I have an AMD card).


Done some more reading around and it looks like some are finding the Mavericks update breaking Sculptris and the Unity Game Engine as well.

If it works and runs faster, more power to you, but it seems like there may have been some major oversights in terms of using various 3D applications.

(be prepared to move on to Windows or Linux

Your suggestion Ace?
Windows 8?
Or Ubuntu with latest features?

To all mac users (on topic now)
Who told you to upgrade the first release of OSX 10.9?
I hope you have a backup. No? Good for you. HDs aren’t expensive.
I’ll try Mavericks after a 10.9.1 or 10.9.2 release.
BTW there are a few reports on the zbrushCentral forum, some bad performance in the viewport.
You all aware that zbrush doesn’t use OGL or any GPU accelerator.
Similar issues though.
So, Ace, you don’t know if it is an OGL issue.


previous versions of Apple did not work well because to be quite honest the managers were not qualified. A CEO from pepsi running a high tech company?

I am on Android and let me tell you that my pure Google Nexus 4 experience is just a let down from the phone to the camera app, that system has some real problems as well.

Technology seems to get too complicated now.

yes, I may agree with your politic of waiting for updates, it was never wrong, though I must say that the most of issues in the past version updates were always due to not make a fresh install, and configurations or preferences conflicts.
I have my previous state ready to be restored from Time Machine and other back/ups but by now I’m quite sure I’ll not need it.

Ace Dragon,
I think you’re pushing it a bit too far with your assumptions.


Edit, this post went off topic and is better off somewhere else so as not to interfere with this specific thread.

@cekuhnen This post was more philosophy regarding poor workmanship. It cannot help us gain insight into how this issue with Mavericks can be resolved. I’ve removed it.


my statement was that there were few managers in Apple that actually where not qualified to do their job right. Jobs comes to the place back and in few years reforms that company.

Houses are different than operating systems in a sense of competition. American houses are not really that time consuming and hard to build. Coding a system is a different story.

But I agree with you that besides the pressure Apples faces right now they should get their act together in a better way.

I would say that blender really cares about Mac users. Autodesk even don’t look on Mac they didn’t make 3dsmax on Mac really long time few years ago they, thinked hymnn acctualy maybe we will do 3dsmax on mac. And still there is no retina support where blender has it.

Jeez guys… It’s a first release of a new OS. It’s gonna have some bugs. What I’m taking from this thread is that blender doesn’t run perfectly yet on a new os release it’s never been tested on, which means blender is horrible buggy software that needs to be completely rethought, and apple is now quickly on its way to 90s-level irrelevancy.
God bless the internet.