OSX: No module named 'bge' & Crashes when open blenderplayer

whenever I try to import bge or logic,

import bge
from bge import logic

there will be an error: No module named ‘bge’

and I couldn’t launch the app 'blenderplayer

this is what i saw in blender console…
am i missing something…

pretty sure macs arent supported.

Actually, they are …

@Cqan_Chern might I ask you if you downloaded the right ‘OSX’ mac version and not a Windows/Linux version by accident.

For example downloaded from the MACOSX folder at the UPBGE MEGA.

Still crush when i try to open the blendplayer,
hope fix later

you have to use a logic brick

always---------python (your py) not the console


I just tested and it worked fine in MacOS High Sierra

Which version do you use?

Note: I just uploaded a new version to MEGA server

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