OSX pref settings for 3d Connexions Space Navigator needed


A while ago I installed the Space Navigator and it works in Blender, but…

I have used a similar device (Space Mouse serial) for a few years in Solid Works and at least compared to the Space Mouse in Solid Works, the speed scaling of the axis is totally off. While translations are way too fast, rotations are way to slow.

I’ve found a working setting once, but of course I had to "optimize"it and now I can’t seem to find any workable setting. So any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

In general I find the usefulness of the device in Blender limited. That has to do with the many key combinations that Blender uses and there seems to be no sensible way to find a mapping to only two buttons on the Space navigator. What I find the biggest restriction is that the roll-axis is not enabled (that’s based on feedback I got on the 3Dconnexion forum from the moderator). It feels very different then in Solid Works ad is quite annoying.