OSX user: need help for a bug that cause crash (and probably other OS)

Hello peoples.

I have a bug that make Blender crash 100% of it’s time, even if it’s not in the next 2 seconds.

On the 3d view, I like to use GLSL display mode, with a limit size of 512 (now it works), several lights and several textures for my characters (colors, bumps, alphas…). It is very usefull to set the lighting of the scene or even setting face expressions.

What I noticed is that when I don’t use GLSL display at all, Blender never crashes. Never.

But when I use GLSL display, even one time, and even if I switch again to solid display mode, Blender crashes. But Blender doesn’t crash right away, it usually crashes after I switch to my render screen-layout, do the render and then go back to the modeling screen-layout.

Sometimes, it doesn’t crash either after switching back to the modeling screen-layout, but it will crash a few seconds/minutes later, when I work on my scene (posing the character, editing a mesh…), even in solid display mode.

So yeah, if I use the GLSL display mode a few time, even for 10 seconds, soon or later, Blender will crash.

Does it happen to you too? Only for OSX users?

My Imac has a ATI HD4850 512 mb CG and 8 gb of RAM.

I will try to make a blend to see if it crashes too with something else that the project I’m working on, and then submit it at the bug tracker.

edit: forgot to say, I use Blender 2.57 OSX 64 bits version, official or from Graphicall, no matter what revision it is.

And if I don’t do any render, with GLSL dispaly mode, Blender doesn’t crash either.

I ran a render in Blender v2.57b on my MAC OS X 10.4.11 (PPC), and after it finished andd I closed everything, something is now causing the Mac Finder (which is the equivalent of Windows desktop) to continuously reset every 10 seconds.