OSX Versions

I was wondering which version of OSX are you running and if you were running something lower than 10.5 are you consider upgrading? Thanks a lot

Hi, I’m running Tiger still (10.4.11) and I love it. Pretty much no problems, so I don’t plan on upgrading for quite a while. I did try out Leopard and it doesn’t really offer anything special that I need that isn’t in Tiger. BTW, I hate Leopard’s dock. Even if you change it to “Tiger’s 2D dock” it still isn’t really like Tiger’s dock.

I have tiger, I don’t think it’s worth the update. When I get another mac it will come with leopard though, I don’t think it’s worth all the glitches. I know maya randomly crashes on leopard a lot. (I messed around on my bro’s new mac)

I use 10.5. And love it. Few glitches, but Spaces and Stacks make up for it. I did change the colour of the dock from silver to dark grey, however, and replaced the default icons, but what’s wrong with a little customization?

10.5 rules! Yeah! (10.5 came w/ Tiger never used Tiger went straight to Leopard cuz’ it came on the Disc.

Older than 10.3?

yeah I’d like to see a comment on that too… because current blender builds should not work on anything older than 10.3 because they are build for 10.3 and above.

I used to run 10.3, but I hated OS X, and now I’m on ubuntu. You really should add that as an option.

Technically ubuntu isn’t a version of OSX so it doesn’t qualify for the option… if MrRage added it we’d probably have to include all the versions of windows and stuff too. :rolleyes:

Well all the power to you.

I didn’t add other OS as an option because really it was not about supporting hardware, just the OS.

I already know OSX community is a minority in comparison to other platforms. But these numbers are important none the less to help budget development resources.

so 24 people on this forum us OSX… wow. I thought we were a bit of larger group considering the noise we make when things go bad.

There are lots more, they probably just won’t or haven’t voted. It took me a week to vote.

Running Tiger right now…no need to go to Leopard on my PowerBook (yes, still running strong…).

Will be moving to Leopard in the next couple of months once I get my MacPro - nice, since I’ll be able to run both Tiger and Leopard (and eventually Snow Leopard) alongside each other.

MrRage: I see from the dev agenda that you are working on cocoaizing ghost for Mac…will this be the first foray into getting a 64-bit Blender build for Mac? hint-hint, nudge-nudge
Also, would a carbon-less build break on Tiger?

Well the main reason for doing this thread was so I knew how I was going to allocate my time for this project. I was guessing Tiger and Leopard were going to make up most of our users and it does so my focus will be supporting these groups of users. That said I will still be keeping my work 10.3 compatible.

I don’t see any negatives going carbon free for any OSX application. But its early in the development life cycle and we will deal with those issues if they come up.

But yeah, when we are carbon free we will be in a much better position to get 64-bit builds out there.

First - sorry for the bump :wink: - but, I didn’t think this justified a new thread…

Saw this from the agenda:

“MrRage has been getting the dependencies squared away for the cocoa build, 10.5 is done but 10.4 will need a bit more time…”

@MrRage: what are the advantages in going cocoa as far as performance? Are there any negatives? Are there any special considerations when going to compile?

BTW: ordering my MacPro next Friday - so I’ll be joining the 10.5 crowd here :smiley:

i love it and i would not miss quicklook, spaces and other leopard stuff

Hi Mr Rage,

I truly appreciate that you are trying to make Blender carbon-free on the mac. This is incredibly important to me, so that we can finally get to 64 bit!

So, seeing as you are a mac-focused developer on Blender, do you by any chance plan on addressing some of Blenders mac-specific oddities? Such as:

  • Inability to acces the ‘.blender’ folder containing scripts, textures, icons etc. Really on the mac there is already a place for the stuff in Library/Application Support/App Name. It should go there. (I know you can access it through the terminal by going in to the app bundle, but that’s just arcane)
  • Lack of full screen mode. On the mac it would be extra nice because Blender isn’t using the native menu bar.
  • Command Modufier key not working for cut, copy, paste in text editor

If not, getting to 64 bit alone is wonderful enough as it is!

Keep up the good work,



Hey there,
I had a few reasons for wanting to make blender Carbon free.

  1. There is a rumor going around that Apple will be removing carbon support from Snow Leopard. No one will really know if its true or not till much closer to the release date. So this would be bad if its true and no one ported ghost to cocoa.

  2. I have lots of memory, and I wanted to use it =)

  3. reducing the worlds carbon foot print is good for the environment – so they say.

I do want to improve some of our platform limitations. But the emphasis right now is just getting it working, once its working I’ll go back and see what I can do to improve things like this.

There is no firm release date on this because its a big change and its a bit of a learning experience for me too. But I’ll keep you guys posted when its ready for testing.

At this time the plan is to support all existing platforms (10.3 - 10.5) but expect 10.5 to be ready for testing before 10.4, and 10.4 before 10.3. 10.4 will be able to do 64-bit but its dependencies need to be built for it, and currently I only have 10.5 dependencies ready.

Regarding Carbon: Apple is not removing Carbon in the near future, and certainly not in Snow Leopard. However, Carbon apps cannot and will not be able to compile in 64 bits. This is the problem.

Just so that you don’t waste any time: Blender will not be able to run as a 64 bit app under 10.4. On 10.4 (Tiger), only UNIX processes in the terminal can run in 64 bits. No Carbon or Cocoa using apps can do this in 10.4, which really means any app with a GUI, including Blender. Although Blender uses relatively little platform specific Carbon code, it wont be possible. (An exception is that the rendering engine in Blender, if run through the command line, should be able to run in 64 bits on 10.4, but very few people render through the command line anyway - not enough to spend time on)

For 64 bit apps you have to be on 10.5 (Leopard) and you need to use Cocoa (although specific parts of Carbon are allowed). That’s it I’m afraid.

So, the advantage of moving to Cocoa, is simply to get a 64 bit Blender on Mac OS X Leopard.

Hope I got some things cleared up.


I wonder when Apple will release 11… it seems they are holding out on the name OSX for as long as possible even if there OS is improving and changing a lot.