osx view problems

i just downloaded 2.44 for my powerbook. when i went to use it the first thing i did was press 7. i expected to see my view change, but instead i was taken to the 7th frame of the scene. WTF?

I’m not sure how your Blender and powerbook are set up, but on my MacBook Pro 15" if I press the “7” key (at the top of the keyboard" it hides all but layer 7. You may want to reconfigure your keyboard settings if it’s current settings don’t work for you.

There is a preference in the views and controls section i believe which is something like “emulate numpad” or “laptop” or something.

It will change the functionality of the Numpad on a normal computer to over-ride the layers control which the numbers normally do.

I hope that answers your question/works.

sweet works perfectly. thank you