OSX - Yafray segfaults after starting parser

I have managed to get blender to replace painting in my art class (w00t!), and have come to need the functionality of Yafray. The computers at school are all macs, and the one I am using is OSX 10.2.8.

Here is the output I get from blender:

Starting scene conversion.
Scene conversion done.
Starting YafRay ...
Loading grammar ...
Starting parser ...
Yafray crashed
Could not execute yafray. Is it in path?

When rendering from command line with yafray:

% yafray YBtest.xml  
Starting YafRay ...
Loading grammar ...
Starting parser ...
Segmentation fault

How can I fix this? I really need the functionality of a good raytracer like yafray here.

this really seems a path issue.

When doing it from the command line, are all the files needed in the current directory ?
What is your path ?

Here that works well (Panther)

It seems that segmentation fault is due to a YafRay bug, fixed yet in cvs code. The problem is the path length of the files, both targa output file and texture files.

Try put your files (YFExport path and texture path) in directories with paths less than 39 characters.