OSXIA : distribute games & dev teams


We are working on a (new) project : OSXIA. Now, we are coding the website :
osxia.org (temporary website)
There is a minimalist presentation here: osxia.org/about

  • So, what is OSXIA?

It’s a project developed by Irone (OSXIA team): a website/software to distribute video games (using the BGE).
But that’s not all, you can create your project to get:

  • a dedicated page (something like http://osxia.org/GameName)

  • a dedicated forum (http://osxia.org/GameName/forum)

  • team management & recruitment (you can associate a team to your project)

  • feedback from users (support options)

  • users will get a notification if an update comes out.

  • social options (like private messages, evaluating games, playing with friends online, etc.)

  • How does this work?

It’s easy:
For an end user:

  1. Register
  2. Download all the games you want and use all the social fonctionalities.

For a developer:

  1. Register (who are you? coder, modelisator, animator, sound designer, beta tester)
  2. Submit a Ticket (explain your game concept), wait for the votes from community.
  3. If the community votes in favor of your Ticket, we create a “Project” for you (so you can realese your game).

N.B.: You can edit your profil; there is no real difference between a developer and a normal user (just on your presentation page).

  • What about the alpha?

The first alpha release is private and available upon request. It’s just the basic features: create an account, edit your profile, post a ticket (with videos and images), vote for a ticket, comment a ticket, edit a ticket, tickets list (order by recents, populars and stamped (=validated)), add a ticket to your favorites (+notifications when it’s stamped), view profile.

  • The future?

A website with a community.
Enforce the BGE development.
A soft to install on your computer to download/play games and manage your local library (without installing Blender!).
Maybe some dedicated server system to allow online games.

By the way, you can join us (we have cookies) or just follow our work here:
twitter (eng)
google+ (eng)
facebook (fr)

Do you have a question?

Sounds interesting. Definitly going to check your site out when wanting to publish one of my games. Good luck.

Thank you, we sincerely appreciate.
I hope there will be a lot of cool stuff. :wink:

By the way, we are looking for:
artists (design and pictures), testers and writers/translator.

To contact us:
email: irone at osxia.org
or osxiadev at gmail.com
skype: xam.master

We recruite! Do you have any question ?