OT: nihongo de hanasite kudasai (japanese lang question)

(sushiking) #1

Watashi wo yumemiru hito.

Is that stated correctly (grammar, etc) (romaji)?

I’m not to the point of writing (correct) sentences yet - words/simple phrases, no problem.

(Friday13) #2

Er…toyota yamaha suzuki daihatsu? :stuck_out_tongue:

(sushiking) #3


(dmoc) #4

Toyota :wink:

(Shige) #5


Do you mean this “I’m a dreaming person.”, right?
If so, “Watashi wa yumemiru hito.” or “Watashi ha yumemiru hito.” are good.
“wa” and “ha” means same as “be, is, are,”, “wa” is pronunciation, “ha” is wrighting word.

Your “Watashi wo yumemiru hito.” means,

“A person who have a dream of me.” :slight_smile:

– Shige

(sushiking) #6

Yep! I was going for the first one (of course ;)).

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

(haunt_house) #7

Sushiking san mo nihongo no seito desu ka.

Watashiwa, nihongo ga DAAAAAI suki desu yo.

jya ne


(beatabix) #8

shouldn’t there be a “desu” in there somewhere?
like “watashi wa yumemiru hito desu” or something?

i haven’t studied japanese for a long time, but i’m sure “watashi wa … desu” would be used to say “i am …”.

of course, shige is actually japanese, so he knows better. :slight_smile:


(WingedOne) #9

desu is optional.

(Shige) #10

‘desu’ is polite expression. And usually, we add ‘desu’ at talking with others. For example, introducing myself, “Watashi wa Shige desu.”

No ‘desu’ expression is used for title of book, in a poet, and speaking to oneself. If you use "Watashi wa yumemiru hito.(no ‘desu’) in talking with someone, this way is very incomplete. Because, with ‘desu’ means ‘be’ in English, but adding ‘dewa-nai (or dewa-arimasen)’ means ‘be not’.

– Shige :slight_smile:

(Friday13) #11

Er…mitsubishi bahamas!! :P:P (man, i need some japanese lessons).

(haunt_house) #12

hai means yes
iie means no

bahamas is NO japanese word. there is no s at the end of a syllable.

(kaktuswasse) #13

hey,cool … japanese lessons on elysiun!

konnichi wa. Henrik desu.
The only japanese sentence i know :frowning:
cya henrik

(haunt_house) #14

here is a second:

Ima nan ji desu ka.