OTH III WIP :) "Ghoul" UPDATED AGAIN! (10.19.02)

(DreamMaster) #1



You’ll have to wait and see to see what I have in mind… :slight_smile: What do think of it? I modeled the head from strach and it took me about 3 hours which isn’t bad for me. :smiley:

Anyways, I added… drum roll please. Drum rolls UV textures for the first time. I know… it’s great. Thank you! J/K :smiley: I’m so excited and looking forward to this contest! I wish you a good luck too!

Any comments, suggestions, questions, feedbacks, etc. are very welcome of course. :smiley:

(blengine) #2

thats aweosm dm! perfect texturing

she looks freaky, its looking great

will she have ears? or horns? or a hat? or maybe eyes on the side of her head =D

(scrappy) #3

glad to see that someone else is really getting into the On The Haunt spirit :smiley: this is looking good, i think you will give me some contest when this is finished. on thing that did stick out to me, are the eyebrows supposed to be sunk in like that???

(Schlops) #4


Hey DM did you use a mirror as reference?
Looking great, can’t wait to see the finished image.

(paradox) #5

Nice, you are getting good at head modeling, can’t wait to see the finished project.

(Hexa-dB) #6

That looks great :slight_smile:

Which method did you use for modelling the head? I’ve been struggling a bit with head modelling (starting with a plane, and extruding to build the whole face).
If you have any handy tips for modelling heads they’d be hugely appreciated :wink:

(Bapsis) #7

You know, i was expecting something a whole lot more “ghoulish” from the topic title, she dosent look ghoulish at all. In fact, if it wasn’t for those psycho eyes, she’d even be kinda cute!!! :wink: Great work DM, i look forward to seeing the rest of her. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(DreamMaster) #8



What do you think? My first attempt at hair! :slight_smile: I am pretty proud of myself since this one is my first serious project after I found out that I could model faces now! :smiley:

(GemaRastem) #9

Thats totally awesome, the hair looks pretty good although kinda looks like plastic kinda like what you would see on a lego doll thing. She looks really tribal, is that what you are going for?

(DreamMaster) #10

tribal? Umm interesting… yeah she does look like as if she’s part of a tribal… I never had intended to make her look like a tribal or anything. I even didn’t notice that she looks like that lol. :wink: I dunno what it will be. I always model with no idea and end up with something :smiley:

That’s my creativy secret… let it flow! 8)


(fossileyes) #11

Well DreamMaster, you should, very well be proud of yourself. I think it’s a great modeling job. With the addition of the hair, shadows around the neck and left side of her face, makes all the difference. The eyes look more intence now. Every place I stand in the room, her eyes seem to follow me, as if she is trying to put me under her spell or something, or something, or some… :wink:

(S68) #12


Great modelling and texturing, eyes and sky are awesome


(Bapsis) #13


She looks muchly meaner now!!! Great job on the hair, your work is really getting good fast!!! Definatly keep it up!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(stephen2002) #14

the fase is EXCELLENT… don’t change it. She just looks, mad. I get all of the emotion, great job.

The hair and environment could use a whole lot more work.

(DreamMaster) #15

I have two updated pictures with different materials. Please tell me what you think of them and which you like better.



(Friday13) #16

WHOA!!! :o :o

(DreamMaster) #17

Hehehe… I’ll make a scene soon… after I’m finished setting up the armature.

I hope I win first place! :wink: I have seen other OTH entries and they’re good! I have to do better than them! :wink:

(sten) #18

great stuff !!! :o

(DreamMaster) #19

No I used two images with front and side as reference :wink: I might model myself as soon when I get my own digital camera to put textures on :wink:

I will be writing a tutorial on it soon. Surprisely, many people emailed me requesting a tutorial on it. When I started out Blender and used it for a long time… I never could model a head at all so I never thought that I’d even succeed at modeling eyes to write a tutorial on it. Funny how things change quickly eh? :wink: I do start with a plane and extrude it, but there are some tricks I used. :smiley:

(BetaParticl) #20

Looks very nice! I love the eyes.

About which of the two textures is better, I’d have to say I like the first one better, it seems to match the scene better.

Can’t wait for that tutorial.