Other 3D engines?

Are there any other free or lowcost 3D game engines comparable to Blender? (Windows platform)

Is 3D Rad any good?

Some free game engines are morfit, genesis,…
Look here:

(But the graphics of the free engines are shit compared to Blender :wink: )

Well, there are other 3d game engines out there. Many of them are engine-wise MUCH better than the blender game engine. However, in terms of interface and development, I don’t think any of them really come close. Most of them you still have to pretty much program the whole game yourself in a language such as java or c++.

Darkbasic is another, and it uses entirly basic language which is VERY easy. It’s only about 30 Dollars US and a commercial license is only 100


I tried Darkbasic but it forces you to code everything. I was thinking of something more point and click but has an option for custom code.

Does anybody have experience with 3D Rad? It appears to be like the “Realtime-Game” portion of Blender. BTW, the demo is very old. The latest release has quite interesting features.

Hmm, 3d rad’s site seems to be down, but it might be ok. It looks more like a collection of built in game behaviors than a fully flexible environment such as blender.

Another one you might want to look into is 3d gamestudio. You can get it from 60 bucks, all the way up to 1300 depending on what you need, but looks very professional and feature-full. It has click-together, simple scripting, and complex scripting, allowing many levels of flexibility. And the graphic capabilities are quite good as well.

There’s a demo here

saluk: I checked 3drad.com it’s online. Anyway, I tried the v3 free version and it’s quite flexible. It can import external models and it has a built in scripting language. I am looking for opinions about v5.

3D gamestudio has no demo available. The version w/ no watermark is $199! 3D rad is only about $70.

Note- I checked 3drad.com it’s down now(things change so fast). Maybe it’s going bankrupt too… :frowning:

the best engine i have seen by far is quest3d.
I uses little code fragments which can be grouped like in a flowchart. This is easy and very powerfull.
new extension can be written in c++ or you ask the guys from quest3d. They vote with their costumers which feature should be implemented. physics and finite state machine are next.

and the engine is 3 times faster

Demo for free
non com. 89$

yeah and have look at the enterprise version networking and database addon,

i personally think the game blender is dead. And you can not buy the publisher any more.
So you can not use it in a commercial way


Yep, that looks REALLY good. I don’t think the gameblender is dead, but there isn’t a lot of room for expansion obviously. There’s still a lot you can do with python, but the performance is not good.

I couldn’t get the quest3d demos to run on my computer though. Maybe they don’t fully support windows XP.

Ray Game Designer

It’s more suited for simple games (No stunning special effects), but it’s completely free, even to sell the games you make.

xp is fully supported, try to update your carddrivers.

Everyhing is uptodate, I guess it doesn’t support Savge 3d cards. It’s alright though, I’m not really looking for a game engine at the moment. But it definately looks the best of all I’ve seen.