Other Blender input devices?

OHOMOHOK is one of the basics of using blender, yet I can’t help trying new gadgets to see if I can improove the workflow, even as good as it is now.

I’ve bought a logitech G13 adndvanced gaminbnoard
Turns out I’m not using it for blender even if it is handy on it’s own for the macro functions. It turns out that I still have to move my left hand back to the keyboard every now and again for that “one special key”… so it’s now collecting dust.

I’ve just seen a mouse with a numpad on it that looks nice:

Do other people have any special devices, gizmo’s or others they hook up to blend better?

Just my NVX nerve optic connectioin headset, not really worth the $350,000 price tag though, half the time it guesses the wrong key presses.

Anyway, when 2.5 is ready, that device of your’s will come in very handy, have you tried it with the 2.5 test builds, customize the key maps with it, see what you can come up with.