other Game engines V BGE

hi all,

is it possible to use a different game engine with blender models, meshes etc. and

also how does the BGE stack up against other game engines and are there any other
open source ones?

To use models from blender in other game engines all you need to do is export from blender and import in said engine.
Which export format you use depends on what you want so I can’t give you an answer.

The BGE isn’t the strongest freeware engine but most powerful ones require C++ programming ability, Blender uses python which is easier to learn. Look into CrystalSpace or Ogre3D if you’re interested.

Irrlicht can be used via python script for model viewer, world viewer, and game launcher.

Crystal space can be accessed using a space handler script which actually overlays blender 3d window.

Quake 1,2,3, Half life, Half lilfe 2, NExuiz, Alien arena, Urban Terror, RTCW ET, true combat, temulous, can compile .map files into BSP, but this is very complex to get shaders and textures to work .You would be better off just using radiant or hammer for thease games levels.

Look at everything Blender 2.48 has to offer before going off to other engines. We just got a major boost in almost all aspects of the game engine. The only real reason I can see for a new game developer to use another engine would be to have a pre-rolled online capability’s, without having to play with the laggy python sockets.

I have used many engines for a long time, trying just about everyone that you can think of at least for a couple of weeks. The reason that I never stuck with one was because they can be frustrating… Here is an example equation.

More Advanced Features = Harder to use + More Experience Required

Now that is fairly general, but the BGE tends to be an exception… I have never met an engine that is easier to use, you just have to understand what you are doing. Most people don’t understand how to properly use blender’s material system for example. Lighting is a favorite one here, many people don’t know what specularity, hard, ambient, and other light terms are… Blender is much more powerful than most realize. The problem is inexpierence. IE If you took a team of professional game devolpers (Like yo frankie) and said they couldn’t add any features we would see some amazing games come out. Most of us don’t understand how to program shaders. So the best thing to do to make great games is to read general 3D/Games Programming Articles. THose can teach you so much. So Since BGE supports GLSL theoretically ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. It is just time to learn. (I’m learning GLSL Right now)

All right that is enough ranting…

Yeah to be honest, in my opinion, the only game engine that rivals Blender Game Engine is CryEngine2. And the reason for this is

(1)it’s very aggressive occlusion culling (don’t render things that you can’t see), and

(2) it’s super high poly counts you can display at high speeds,

(3) it’s very advanced Time of Day/Weather system which I would also include the volumetric clouds into that (no need to ever make a skybox unless u just wanted to)

(4)FlowGraphs - the awesome system that allows a lay person to code incredible features into their games without knowing how to program

But all in all 1,2,3 and 4 are not things that anyone NEEDS to make a cool game. blender has everything you need to make a cool game, I feel anyway. At first I was put off by the lack of real time subsurfacescattering in blender game engine, or real time ambient occlusion, until i realized that you can simulate both effects by baking AO to your objects and by changing the Emit value on the material!

Bake AO = realtime AO
Emit material value = realtime SSS

Looks just like Crysis’ AO and SSS if not better to my eyes.

Blender has softbody physics Crysis doesn’t =)

anyway, just to put things into context, I haven’t opened up my Crysis editor in like 6 months or so ( it hasn’t changed at all in this time ) - because I prefer blender game engine.

Also because u can’t even animate your objects in Crysis unless u own 3dsMax

I think the biggest advantage the BGE has over other engines is the fact that it totally eliminates the hassle of the import/export process. That alone makes it a winner because you spend much less time importing/exporting your assets and thus gives you more time for modeling/texturing/coding.

I wouldnt be surprised if someday, when the BGE is advanced enough, it gets ported to consoles and big companies start using it for their development pipeline. It would save a lot of time and money.

Of course, If that were to happen, we’re a long way away from that day. However, the future looks very bright for the BGE. :wink:

I think there’s more than just CryEngine 2 that may be more advanced then the BGE, those engines have whole development teams, the BGE has only been drastically upgraded recently and was falling apart before that.

We need good aggresive culling, good logic optimizing, multithreads and material IPO’s working with GLSL. Then we can talk about it being adopted like heck from professional studios.

The BGE’s current state is good enough for many game types, let it be developed to the next level of speed and features.


one huge flaw in the bge is the object management code, there is no true culling, so regardless the number of polys you cant have 400 objects in a scene without a very noticeable slowdown (and it seems to grow geometrically), to be the ultimate free engine, the bge needs a decent culling system, that would make a huge difference.

Particle support would not hurt either.

I know a little bit of c++… but how hard do you think it would be to add culling? I’m sure there are various articles on culling with OPENGL. Since at heart the BGE is just like any other Opengl engine, couldn’t you just add a generic Opengl way of culling?

As said before, you shouldn’t just look at the issue from the technical point alone. What good is a game engine with the latest and coolest stuff if you can’t get your art in. I’ve been hacking away on an art pipeline for almost a year now between Blender and Torque Game Engine and it really is a pain to get the things going like you want it.
Of course, when the engine you model in happens to be the engine you play in, all those difficulties go away. And that can compensate for quite some shiny features currently missing in BGE according to me.

yes culling is the next thing that BGE needs. 2.50 maybe? that would totally thrust the game engine into a whole new league

I mean frankly it’s got basically everything else… seriously - the BGE is quite astonishing

NO, the bge is beautiful enough, now it needs to be faster and more efficient

NO, the bge is beautiful enough, now it needs to be faster and more efficient

Well said, I have to agree. That one of the biggest issues with blender at the moment.

what are you saying “NO” to?