other GLSL water


After some desperate search I found a glsl water example that may someone who know ahout glsl add this to BGE it have reflect refract, fesnel and depth effect.
the big difference is the depth effect with fresnel for other BGE water examples.


glsl example

some extra info

and the main fourm

This in the BGE would be sooo awesome… one day…

Thanks for posting this.

I think all that is missing to allow blender to support this is the ability to render the reflection and refraction textures. They provide the OpenGL code for this in their tutorial. I might try and poke around to see if there is a way to incorporate this, but I’m not really a programmer and don’t know my way around the blender source.

We already have the vertex and fragment shader support, so that part is easy.

Edit: Maybe the reflection and refraction rendering can be done through python and the BGL OpenGL wrapper? I’ll check into this, but I’m unfamiliar with using BGL.

Hi Im almost sure in that this is glsl and dont need extra openGL things and this water example is possible implement who know about it. for example : martinsh :slight_smile:

the openGL code is converted to glsl it the tutorial

so i think this is same water shader example as in openGL tutoral.

With glsl you can use openGL functions with a more flexible and easy way and in GBE and yes, you can use via python glsl shader wrapper.