other interaktive 3d programs like blender with game-engine?

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I suppose that blenders 3d-game engine is quite unique. Especially for the graphicale user interface and the realtime functions. Are there other programs with similar functions?

How are other games made?

Is there a program in which realtime construction/modelling within the 3d environment is possible?

I need some programs to compare with blender, because I’m writing in university about it.

If you can show me some interesting links, I already would be happy.

Thanks, Ingo

(valarking) #2

Programming languages. http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=3934
As for other engines, there are PLENTY of free/opensoure engines out there, but few are an actually 3d modeller in addition.

(rav_bhara) #3

crystal space is ok

(inka) #4

Thank-you for the links. But if somebody knows more…
I would like to get a good overview of different 3d environements.