Other language than C to program plugins?

(Bab) #1

Hello, sorry for my english, I’m French. I’ve a question about the language used to program Blender plugins, Can I use other language that C? for example I want to use Delphi language. Please answer me :-?

(SirDude) #2

It can be done, you would need to basically write a c wrapper that
loads your library, its not pretty and it would be alot of work.

Personally I’d say bite the bullet and just go with c. (To write
the wrapper you’ll need to learn alot more than you would need to
know just to program the thing in c)

(Bab) #3

Thank you for your answer but if I made a wrapper what C Header can I convert?

(SirDude) #4

Take a look at the following page:
You would want to write a wrapper that basically
has a function (for sequence plugins it would be: plugin_seq_doit)
that calls your own code.
(For texture plugins it would be: plugin_tex_doit)