other programs

i was wondering what other programs i could use to make a game i like blenders modeling but i hate its BGE so yea…i was wondering if anyone has programs for actually designing the game itself not modeling it

game engines are kinda hard to come by unless you want one that you need to program for, check out different games engines, like quake, gmod, red faction something like that, that comes with a moding program, or is one

then you just have to worry about your export pipeline

umm ok thx ill look through my games

Blitz 3D is very easy to use and their is a ton of code examples, a good blender exporter exist and it even exports animation. I think you can still get free with no export to .exe version.
TV3D has some nice features and has a free version that will leave a small watermark on your game. you will need some knowledge of one of the programing languages that it uses.
keep an eye on this to

Give GameCore Bullet physics instead of the outdated ODE and it would be about perfect.

Even then it’s still a ways from the “just press P” of the BGE as you make new models. Crystal Space is also getting pretty seamless exporting from Blender.

thanks all…but shr1k, do u no anything about gamecore?