other types of animation??? help <--------------------------

:yes: Ok, I’ve been learning animation with blender, and all i know is that you move the model a little and then press I then lock right scale. Then i move the frame, and is that all the animation you can do i mean that’s what all the big animation studios do. I have already tried googling it

help please

No, in fact they paint everything by hand. It’s much cheaper to get some lowly paid painters painting all the images, than bying all that expensive hardware and train software specialists in animation techniques. But of course they won’t tell anybody.

If there would be some software that would allow more fancy animation techniques (like rigging for character animation, shape keys, path animation, lattices, hooks, mesh deform modifiers, not to speak of physical simulations like particles, soft bodies, fluids, cloth and so forth, material and texture animation and does who know what not), they would probably pay google to hide theses pages from a search request. This explains why you haven’t found it in the manual…

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lol guest i deserved it thanks