other world

Part of a complete animation will show them next week…hope you like it

and the animation

The animation is very realistic. I believe that you have given the background more priority than the boat in the scene IMO. try a wider lens and zoom in a little bit, that would fix this little issue that i see.

Congrats on the lighting and rendering. I like them very much.

I agree, a nice realistic scene. Perhaps consider adding some little splashes when the paddle is hittiing the water. I can’t quite figure out what is going on in the far background, there is this white thing that seems to be moving… but really can’t tell what it is supposed to be.

This is wonderful!

Only thing I would suggest to review is the waterfall in the background. I believe it is a water fall. This stops at the end as if someone had turned it off.

Beautiful stuff! Will definitely follow your progress :slight_smile: With regard to the image I’d say ease up on the DOF. It tends to get abused in 3d.

Very intersting…
Like the feel and overall dynamics…
Awesome work

I think the white thing in the backround is the bottom of a water fall splashing/misting off of the surface of the water.

Looks cool. Tell the guy in the boat I think he should look out for that big creature swimming towards him or is that just a log?.

This looks beautiful, but I would change 2 things that contribute to the same problem: the intense DOF and the quick movement of the waves on the surface of the water make it look like the boat and the creature on it are tiny. Maybe that’s the intention, but in that case, are the birds tiny as well?

Amazing animation and rendering, I like this scenery and very good animation and rig.

thanks guys for all the feedback and opinions are very important to me … greetings from Ecuador

Looks great. You captured a scene very well… your art style reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus or Ico. Good job.

thanks Enthymeme, I did not know the game you mention, but I’ve seen some pictures of it and you are right … thanks for looking at my posting

Consider sumbitting it here- http://blendergraphictutorials.com/constuctive-criticism/

Really photo realistic and awesome!

Bokeh effect / DoF is overdone IMHO but it’s a very nice scene and atmosphere.

Great work. The music is cool. You could experiment with more fog.
Which renderer did you use? How long time did it take to render?

Robert thanks for looking at my work … use cyles and the render time is 5 minutes per frame