[Otsoa]my stuff...

Hi ! My sculpt and other things, sorry for my poor english.

Very cool works,nice hair!:smiley:
bienvenue dans le forum sketchbook!

Thx, merci en fait l’image final arrive bientôt, là c’etait pour le fun les yeux rouge :).

Eyes test on cycle.

Nice tests Otsoa!! SSS + glass should be very tricky to render currently in Cycle!

thx, mini update ^^.

Old blender sculpt.

Old blender vampire sculpt (wip) and my work for blenderguru competition, but I dont have any time to finish.

great works!:wink:

agreed, awesome stuff.

Blender sculpt this morning, dyntopo is verry nice.


Beautiful work man ! The portrait of Rhianna on your site is just great. Is she a cycles render ?


Thx, on my website it’s old work all rendered with internal.

I really enjoyed the your first sculpture cartoonist.