Otter turntable

This may be wrong section to post, but seeing what kind responces get and any sugestions. Still makin this base model’s fur, just can’t seem get it to look right. but anyways there’s the turntable.

There’s almost certainly a better place and design for the tail. Having it both come from between those anthro butt cheeks and look like a vertical airplane wing just makes me pause. I’m sure you’ve found in references that real otter tails are much more tubular, and avoid looking like rat tails by being pretty thick.

If that conflicts with the style of this one, I would say make it tubular, give it a small radius and also keep it short.

Also, maybe place it starting a little bit higher (above the base of the erector spinae), for obvious reasons.

Keep in mind only simians can put their arms sideways like that. You’re not rigging or anything, but it might look more ottery if the paws were out in front, and shorter, and not opposable thumbs. Seconding the tail needs to be higher. He’s not a lizard.