Our devs at blender... finished

Our devs with blender,
Hallowed be your code,
Thy kernels come;
Your sampling will be done, in viewport as in render,
Give us this frame our daily GI.
And forgive us our feeble shading, as we also have forgiven those bugs.
And do not bring us to long renders, but rescue us from the evil noise.
For the Cycles and the Eevee and the LTS are yours to master.



Long rendering day uh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe the blender pantheon… ähm devs read it and a miracle happens, and we get eevee raytracing soon, or a superfast, biased cycles X :laughing:

And so you are willing to blaspheme the Lord of lords in an attempt to get feature requests heard?

If you were to temporarily gain the world (ie. every feature and performance boost you could wish) but was told you would lose your soul in the process, would you do it? From what I have seen, the devs. will listen as you lay out a solid argument as to why it would be good to have in Blender and why the existing solutions don’t cut it. Gimmicks and other linguistic ideas and tricks, coarse or not, have been tried (in place of an articulate case) over the years and have quite often not translated to actual commits.

This is why a strong prayer and belief in higher powers is a necessity :laughing:
We are all fighting against the principalities of the chaos of noise.
So stay strong brother.

Ps: I just made fun, take it easy… :smiley: