Our free games for 2 days

Our games are free for 2 days: a cool relaxig ball game, a space shooter and more.

All of the graphics and levels in these games are created with Blender of course.

Our best game:

More games:

Trailer of our best game:

Cool, but only on iOS? Will you release Android or Steam version too?

sorry no, but there is a Mac version too, and it is free too:

Nice Endi…but no iOS for me.
Nice artwork as always.
Best wishes.

P. Monkey

needs more features

It’s funny, they’re probably very good games but i can’t in good conscience try them because endi had something to do with them…

Wish you guys would have released this on Android. I would have bought it in a heart beat. The next game you guys make, please make it available also on android.

I’d love to see what you cooked up, but unfortunately the only iOS device I own is a 1st generation iPod touch that hasn’t been charged in years.

“It’s funny, they’re probably very good games but i can’t in good conscience try them because endi had something to do with them…”

What is wrong with endi?

Anyone who systematically tries to cause commotion on this forum, no matter how small, gets no respect from me.

I don’t have any iOS platforms but even if these were available for Andriod I wouldn’t play them, much for the same reason as Pesho. My thoughts on the developers play a huge role whether I want to play a game or not and I don’t have any respect left for Endi.

Life would be very boring without commotion.

Can you elaborate.

so, would that include someone that dismisses a persons hard work because they have a personal grudge against that person?
publicly on the forum, causing a bit of a commotion in the process?

That’s for you to decide. It’s my own choice not to support someone who regularly trolls people and calls them amateurs - consider it as bad advertisment.

Get over it man. He’s a good creator. Successful people are frequently outspoken people.

This is nothing personal, i wish him the best of luck and all that. Just saying that pestering folks on the forum isn’t a good way to attract potential customers. He gets to be outspoken so why can’t i?

Got to support Pesho on this front. It’s his choice who he supports with his money and, frankly, basing the decision on the fact the guy trolls your favourite forum is by far not the worst reason I’ve ever heard. It’s not like there aren’t thousands of other games / time-wasters to choose from or that Endi’s project is that revolutionary.

It would be one thing if the claim was that Endi is a bad developer because of his trolling. That wasn’t said though.

…and locked