Our Future

A week project I did trying to get my portfolio ready to send in to colleges.

I like it. It will really look sharp with texture.

I couldn’t think of a way to texture it. I was thinking rusty but that didn’t look so good. Any Ideas?


This looks awesome!

I was looking at the tubes in the neck and where they connect to the head…they are not stuck right into the head. Should they be connected?

It looks good, but did you just copy Fausto De Martini? The guy from Blizzard?

http://www.fausto3d.com/home.html click on the tab “Modeling”

I didn’t copy him but I did use him for inspiration. I had a similar idea but I used his image for visualization.

Of course he is much better and I should have given him credit for the inspiration.

I would go with a mix of “terminator” and “i robot”…

Well, don’t look at other people’s work when creating fictional art. You will rarely end up with something different when you do.

Just draw a concept out of nothing and then model it.

Everything is inspired from something subconsciously…:slight_smile:

of course, but if you look at someone’s art and get inspired by it, and shortly thereafter start creating artwork without any preparational sketching it’s hard to differentiate from that inspirational source.


Great modeling work, but not your own idea.

I agree with Doggie_b. It looks good, but Its not your own idea. Its way to close to what Fausto De Martini created.

For the sake of a college portfolio however, I think it works. profesional modelers usually have concept art to base their models on. the fact that you were able to emulate Fausto De Martini’s creation so well shows that you have a lot of skill. the face in particular is very well done.