Our game will prevail!

So far we have 6 levels or scenes we are working on. Two are complete and a third is almost complete.

We still need help:

Mini game developers
Uv mappers and texturers (is that a word?)
Story writers

Our little member list has lost 2 people and will soon loose another due to loss of internet connection.

Please join us at:


Just register, and then someone will add you to the group, then thats it! No passwords.

Once you are added the full forum is visible. By using this technique the forum can be non-password protected and people just passing through can’t post crap to it. But you can remain logged in forever. LIke here.

This forum is only for the game. However if you want a board on the forum feel free to ask for it. You would then moderate it yourself. In this way you can have heated conversations, about the game… lol or whatever.

Also, we have a wiki for everyone to participate in. Everything is listed there and you may sign up to work on something there (put your name by it) or add to the story. We have one person to modify the story itself after the members decide what to add or delete.

We also use ICQ for user and group chats, and the forum also has a chat for the users.

We have made many changes:
Year: 2043
New Rayna model spy
New Diver model spy tech
New Mack model spy director

We only have 4 main characters:

female and Diver work for Mack and are “saving the world” from Bad guys actions.

When the game starts you may choose to be either female or Diver. Which ever is not chosen becomes the players associate in the game.

Mack is a world leader working for the DODOIN, department of defense of Independent Nations. Mack has a secret that we will not tell here. It would spoil the game for others.

bad guy is controlled by another, a shadow character and has his own swat team. His headquaters are in old NYC. He has a few manufacturing plants elsewhere in the world.

bad guy is building a Micro-burst machine to controll the world via its power called the Project Veata . The good guys must find it and destroy it, somehow.

New pics will be added. Sorry no time right now. But you get the idea?

Join!!! We need help. Lol, lots of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously, this game I believe is actually going to be finished. We just need a few people to help us finish it faster.

This belongs in the Games forum.

LOL, it is. You mean in the WIP? I thought of putting it there but chose not too until we had more members and were farther along in development.

Here are some screens from the level I am working on.


Looks better in motion for some reason.

Here are some more, from the scenes I am working on. The first is the one with Mmphs! rain wheels. I created almost all the textures except the ground and rocks.

The PDA was modeled by Mack and he textured it, but we decided to make it more modern looking so I textured it again. It is the menu system. The slashes will be changed to icons, and the background is animated.


Yay, we have 2 new members!

Your alpha masking on the leafs look verry good ititrx :slight_smile:

Shadow bane,

notice how you have white outlines around your leafs in some places?
this is because the alpha mask’s background is white …

here is how to fix it in gimp.

Make a new texture the exact same size, flood the background with either a dark green or a black…
Press control A to select all, and press control X , this will cut it out…
now take your existing texture and copy and paste it in the new texture.

the transparent bits now will be black or green now, rather than the white.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

I like your motor cycle shadow bane :slight_smile: looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

All in all, nice work guys, looks like you guys are really working hard to make a nice game :smiley:

its funny, all the pictures of the game are in the dark, lol

Mmph! Thank you. We are prevailing! With everyones help.

The motorcycle was made by 3dguru… and I think laykyspy made the leaves? But thank you so much for the help.

We need it. smile.

With everyones help.

now that is the community spirit :slight_smile:

1ts funny, all the pictures of the game are in the dark, lol

here are some seamless goodies for you guys:


Dam! my image host sucks :stuck_out_tongue: the originals are much better.

here are the originals, there are a bunch of seamless sky textures in there, plus some alpha masked clouds.

hope that helps

Thank you very much… Lakyspy has been crazy trying to find seamless textures. I made a night sky, but think it has too many stars in it. I will give this one a try for sure…

hey! I love helping out… you are welcome :slight_smile:

I can make seamless textures very quickly. If you guys need anything else, just say the word, and I will look threw my archive, or fabricate something for you guys…
I am somewhat in Limbo until we decide what to do until blender 2.45 comes out.

yeah where is 2.45 anyway??

yeah where is 2.45 anyway??

I hope it is soon :slight_smile:

:RocknRoll:Hi , I don’t know what to say … :o, but here goes my new work

there is a sad fact about me , I currently Don’t Have internet at home “never had before”
… but my father just signed the internet paper before some days and they told us that it will take sometime " something like 10 days are left "
the speed is 1 mega bit , … :RocknRoll: , when I connect Internet at home , I will be online in this forum everyday …:cool: 4 Hours Daily , I surf it a lot but don’t make too much posts , I’m Afraid that I forget to logout :frowning: so it is a dangerous thing :eek: …

but when I am at home I will flood the forums :RocknRoll:

Ok , actually … I was About to start a thread but I really don’t have an enogh time

internet Caf’es are pain in the a** , … it is suffering to have a flash stick and transfer files … and set as a guest in a place

ok , … here goes my work for the game

Evil Austin"made By 3DGURU"
here goes… :sunglasses:
image 1


image 2
after some Texing
img 1
img 1
i will fix the sleeves textures the area near hands and maybe the gloves tex too :sunglasses:

and I’m creating a level too
and there is a lot of other works in our project :smiley: , like GFXman characters and his female Character which is nearly professional

join us to see other work of us :RocknRoll: …

by the way , we need someone to rig the character I made “Evil Austin” , … we need riggers and scriptors and Music player , we really lack Music players :frowning:

Nice work 3DGURU :smiley:

thanks Mmph!
here goes the new one ,
thanks all … bye the way , i like that smily Mmph! :slight_smile:

forget the merk logo Guys it is deleted …