our new home (WC - Spring)

4~5 hours of work. Background/post in photoshop.


Lol, very nice! I like it a lot, but the bunny things look a little wierd to me for some reason. So I am going to go with 4 stars. Like it a lot though!

nice work - especially on the background sky :slight_smile:
u should post this in this weeks WC thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite strange and very styalised, the bunny things are unclear so four stars, just.

thanks for the comments :]

maybe they just need tails? not sure if it looks better…


I’m loving this render; especially the cartoon sky! Did you make it yourself?

4 stars. =)

Really nice! I like it. I think tails do look a tad better. Nice style.


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I might get around this weekend to redo the bunnies. looking at it now the right one might be too obese :eek:

edit: stopped being lazy and made actual bunnies


and yeah, the background was hand drawn in photoshop

Lol thats pretty cute. I agree with others when they say the bunny things could do with a bit of work, but apart from that, very nice. Good to have somthing different from most of the other works that are posted here!:slight_smile:

u really improved it - now i can tell they’re actually bunnies :stuck_out_tongue:
much better :slight_smile:

Much better but now the bunnies are a bit over lit by comparrason to the rest of the piece.