Our New World (Animation)

This was unexpected … and truly fascinating.
As LarryPhillips already said, the storytelling in this short was very well done. The style works so well with the story.
Congratulations to this short. This was definitely one of the few blender shorts that deserves to be remembered.

Thank you Loramel! (and others too)
I makes me happy reading this. What I was aiming at was something that people would remember and that would leave some kind of impression. It’s comments like this that makes it all worth wile. :slight_smile:

its fantastic :). a very powerful visual and story. congratulation sir

Sorry for bumping the thread.
I have been getting some feedback that the music is drowning the narrator at certain points in the animation.
I just wanted you to know that there is now subs on the youtube video.
I was planning on having this done a couple of days ago but as always it’s no so straightforward as I think it is.
Nevermind, it’s done. Hope it will be of some use to you. :slight_smile:

Great job, Holmen. I loved the design, story, narration… everything!

I like the way is done visual but i don`t like the main ideea.

I must add my voice to the chorus of praise and say WOW! Impressive throughout, clearly the best short film I’ve seen this year.

that was truly amazing work! I think you made the right call when you searched for an appropriate Voice over artist… many people forget that it’s all about the details.

congratulations and thanks for sharing! one of the best Blender shorts I’ve seen.

i might have seen the same idea few times before but ur version is ok too, what i don’t like the most are human characters, anyway u deserved for big handshake
where from u got the guy to storytelling?