Our team is looking for artists (volunteer work)

everyone, our small indie team is looking for 3D modelers and animators!

This game is a fast paste shooter with an old school sci-fi theme like in Quake or Unreal tournament. The game includes mechanics like no regenerating health, fast movement speed, player can only carry one weapon but it can also pickup super weapons that do a lot of damage and have a limited wielding time.

Who can join this project?
-Anybody who has free time to work with us
-it is a good thing to have some kind of experience of using the 3D modeling program.

What kind of jobs are available?
-3D modelers(mostly wanted character modelers) . -Animators (really wanted)

What engine are we using?
Unreal engine 4

How can you contact me and join the development group chat?
You can contact me through discord with this tag and name"warriormaster#2392".

I hope that you want to join us
Thanks for reading this post!