Our wedding cake

Hello everybody!
Let me sow you the “concept art” of our wedding cake. Well, the aim of the project was not to present the model the most pleasant way, but to help the confectioner to make The cake we would like to have. I think it did so! We got married in the end of august, and it was super! The cake was also awsome, i think they caught all the small details.
Thank you devteam, to have a software like this!

And the real one…:slight_smile:

Congratulations on your wedding, and also probably the first cake concept desing in blender :slight_smile: Cute cake!

Congrats! Very cool way of integrating blender in the real world. :slight_smile:

good job! I got really confused when I saw the real cake. Congrats on the wedding and the render. I hope your marriage is as fun and creative as your cake design!

Thank you guys! We enjoy our marriage a lot, and it is also very creative:)
I hope some day in the near future the “BAKE” function in Blender will be extended so i can also taste immediately what i design.