Our World

This is a swift project that I created using very limited time range. I hope you like it. Criticism and satisfactory are all welcomed.

Note: My actual name is Iyad.


well…its just a sphere with a texture. Without being harsh, I don’t understand the point of it? Add some clouds, and atmosphere and do some compositing…make it an actual finished project! :slight_smile:

“and do some compositing”
Compositing was done, but that might not be significantly noticed.

Its a nice picture but as peter18 said its also just a sphere. For you its now time to get into some more advanced renderings like out whole solar system or something like that. If you go in small steps you won’t find yourself ending up in things you don’t understand yet. Greetings kuglikrug

There are some excelent tutorials on how to make really cool planets. NASA has even provided bump-maps and cloudtextures.

As has been mentioned, it is a little basic, but you’re getting there. Something to aim towards would be something like this :

very nice simple project. i like it stick with simple until you get the nerve to test your self thats what im doing